Management Turnover as Change Agent

Thursday, November 29, 2007

CEO Watch - Hector Ruiz, AMD, Update 1

Nothing seems to have happened since I first put Hector Ruiz of AMD on my CEO Watch list. In a study just released by the market research firm iSuppli, AMD dropped out of the list of top 10 Chip-maker manufacturers list. The huge drop in standing is just another sad state of affairs for a company that not long ago appeared primed to give Intel a real run for its money. The drop in standing is just another negative notch in Ruiz's declining reputation.

According to the iSuppli study,
... numbers show AMD’s market share in the semiconductor industry will climb to 14.2% by the end of Q4, which is still below where AMD was last year. AMD rival Intel is currently sitting on a massive 78.8% of the semiconductor market according to iSupply. Analysts for iSupply are also predicting that Intel will generate $7.24 billion USD in revenue this quarter while AMD generates a comparatively paltry $1.3 billion USD in revenue.
Could this projection mean increased pressure for Ruiz's head?

Stay tuned.

For the study details click here

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jgoodie said...

Thursday’s NewsVisual story on E*Trade and Citadel Investment Group really fits in with the theme of Management Turnover as an Agent of Change. I hope you decide to write about it.