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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Correction - CEO Watch - AMD, Hector Ruiz

Apparently Hector Ruiz, CEO of AMD, did not get a raise as I indicated in an earlier blog on AMD. According to a piece in HotHardware today,
It turns out that a senior member of AMD's public relations staff erred when confirming Thursday afternoon--prior to publishing this report--that Hector was given a raise this week. The raise in question actually came last year, and the $1,046,358 in the proxy statement reflected that Hector spent part of 2006 making $950,000, and part of 2006 making $1,124,000. Hector's annual salary rate has changed slightly since then, but by just $24,000 or so to reflect a different accounting treatment of a car expense.
Raise or no raise he is still one of the highest if not highest paid semiconductor CEOs and what is AMD getting from him for such large pay? He remains on my CEO Watch List.



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