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Friday, April 11, 2008

CEO Watch - Hector Ruiz, AMD, Update 5

Could it be that the clock on Hector Ruiz's reign as CEO at AMD has begun ticking again?  Earlier today AMD, the on-again off-again struggling semiconductor manufacturer, announced that its well-respected Chief Technology Officer, Phil Hester has resigned.   Hester is one of other top executives who have left over the last year as the company struggles against its long-time competitor Intel and the market itself.  According to a CNN story,
The decision to leave was Hester's and was not associated with AMD's (NYSE:AMD) recently announced job cuts, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a company spokesman. The company does not plan to appoint a replacement for Hester.
Some experts might interpret the resignation a result of the firm's failure to get to market a number of new products that have been anticipated for some time now.  The real question is how long can Ruiz stand above all these problems without the responsibility weighing down his shoulders?  Keep a close eye on this. 

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