Management Turnover as Change Agent

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Recommended Reading - CEO Pay: What Role Will Perception Play, BusinessWeek Management IQ

Jena McGregor wrote a clever piece today on BusinessWeeks’s Management IQ blog on the potential impact President Obama and Tim Geither’s announcement today on restricting executive pay of companies taking government TARP money. According to McGregor’s piece,

The new plan, it appears, would only apply to companies that come back for further funds, and it was not clear whether it would apply to all companies or those considered “exceptional.” 

… But what does this mean for companies far from the chasms of Wall Street or the snows of Detroit? It could have a big impact–at least over the long term. Perception is playing an escalating role in executive pay.  

 Check out the blog, it’s a worthwhile quick read.

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