Management Turnover as Change Agent

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recommended Reading - CEO attrition gives directors chance to step up , Financial Times

Scheherazade Daneshkhu wrote a piece for the Financial Times entitled, CEO attrition gives directors chance to step up. According to the story,

Plucking a CEO from among a company’s existing directors is becoming a trend, says Marc Sangl√©-Ferri√®re, head of the Paris office of Russell Reynolds, the US executive search company, who says traditional succession planning does not work in a time of crisis.

“The new CEOs have tended to come from outside or to have been a recently-recruited board member. We are seeing that, as part of succession planning, companies are increasingly looking to put on the board one or two non-executive directors who could have the potential to become the CEO,” he said.

While the focus of the story was on European companies, Liberum has seen some of the same circumstance crop up in the United States. It is not a large trend but there have been a number of cases.

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