Management Turnover as Change Agent

Monday, May 18, 2009

Recommended Reading - Banker Pay May Escape Obama Caps As Wall Street Eyes Guidelines, Bloomberg

Christine Harper, Pat Wechsler and Matthew Benjamin wrote a piece today for Bloomberg examining the possibility that the Obama administration may relax the compensation restrictions on the banks that have received TARP money. The restrictions were imposed by Congress after Merrill Lynch executives had received bonuses while the company was floundering and already under purchase from Bank of America. The story quotes Gary Parr, the deputy chairman of Lazard Ltd.,

“It is clear that the government’s going to have to come out with some guidelines on what will compensation be at the big institutions that have TARP,” … “There’s going to need to be something done so that there isn’t a picking off of certain institutions where they’re at a severe disadvantage to others.”

The authors of the story also referred to research by Liberum on turnover in the financial industry and how those numbers might impact Congress’ view on the compensation question. Check out the story if you are interested in executive compensation or the government bailout of the financial industry.

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