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Monday, August 10, 2009

AIG's Newest CEO Getting Praise

IG’s latest selection of Robert Benmosche, the former CEO of MetLife, is getting a fair amount of praise before he begins his new job and comes out of retirement. Benmosche gets high praise in a story by Leslie Scism, Joanne S. Lublin and Liam Plevin of the Wall Street Journal (sub req.). The reporters stated:

HRobert Benmoschee will also be the most decisive, direct and tough leader to run the battered insurer since Maurice R. “Hank” Greenberg’s nearly four-decade reign ended amid an accounting scandal in 2005.

Mr. Benmosche, former colleagues say, is willing to upend cozy corporate traditions and make unpopular decisions. His strong personality could be just what AIG and its majority owner, the U.S. government, need to manage the company.

AIG’s subsequent selection of Harvey Golub, the former CEO of American Express, as the company’s new chairman appears to be another feather in the company’s cap. Whether it is the government or the company making the executive selections it appears AIG is at least making some positive moves.

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