Management Turnover as Change Agent

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Speculation is Growing on Possible GM CEO Candidates

Now that Ed Whitacre, GM’s chairman, has taken over as interim CEO and is moving at sprint speed to get GM back on track, speculation is beginning to arise on possible candidates to fill the CEO position. It was made public yesterday that Spencer Stuart, the executive search firm, will he handling the CEO search for GM. While a number of analysts think Whitacre as interim CEO might actually end up with the job, Randolph Gulian, evp/general manager for recruitment process outsourcing and executive search for Allegris RPO, in an interview with the has come up with a number of very unusual but possible candidates. During the interview, Gulian mentioned Mark Hurd, HP’s CEO and General Electric’s John Rice. While neither of these men may actually be candidates the possibility of someone big from outside the automobile industry may just be the way to go. Check out the entire interview, Gulian seems to be on to something.

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