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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Technitrol Takes on New CEO To Watch

Technitrol TNL (NYSE), a worldwide producer of electronic components, appointed Daniel M. Moloney to be its new CEO. Moloney most recently has been an executive vice president with Motorola and the president of its Home and Network Mobility business. Moloney replaces James M. Papada III who has been the firm’s CEO and chairman. The compDan Moloneyany has been planning for the succession for a long time. Technitrol appears to have made a good choice for its next top executive.

Moloney had spent ten years at Motorola in a variety of high level positions. The announcement that Moloney will be leaving Motorola comes shortly after the firm made it formal in early February that it would be split into two independent companies. One company to be headed by Sanjay Jha, currently the co-executive of Motorola, would run the mobile phones and setboxes. This was the company Moloney would have worked for if he had not decided to leave Motorola and become CEO ofOne year Stock Performance of Technitrol Technitrol.Moloney appears to have the skills and background to run Technitrol. Keep a close eye on his moves for the next year once he gets up and running.

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