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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Recommended Reading - How to acquire a team of 'A players’, Globe and Mail

Eric Herrenkohl has written a book on hiring top talent that is a must read for top executives and HR specialists. The book entitled, How to acquire a team of 'A players’ was recently reviewed by Canada’s Globe and Mail. According to the review,

It might well be that nothing has a greater impact on your business than hiring top people – “A players,” in the vernacular of the business world. But most of us worry when we start recruiting for an opening that we could unwittingly end up with a “C player” because it can be hard to differentiate through the normal recruitment process. Hiring seems like a crap shoot – sometimes we win big, and sometimes we lose.

Eric Herrenkohl, who advises companies on recruiting, says it doesn’t have to be that way. But you may have to change your recruiting practices to improve your odds. That will involve sharpening your understanding of where you are likely to find future top performers, and perpetually being in recruiting mode –even when you don’t have an opening, indeed even, he argues, when you’re in an economic trough and cutting back on staff.

… Understanding what you are looking for in recruits can be subtle.

Herrenkohl lays out a clear approach to hiring and finding the right top talent. Check out the book.

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