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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Continues to See Major Declines in Executive Turnover

The last four years have seen continuing dramatic declines in executive turnover. Even as the U.S. and other economies appear to be moving out of the great recession/financial crisis executive turnover has continued to decline while overall general unemployment has remained extremely high.

  • For 2008 CEO turnover declined nearly 10%, CFO turnover declined 14% and overall C-level (as defined by Liberum Research as board of directors, CEOs, CFOs down to corporate VPs) turnover declined nearly 15% as compared with 2007 totals. The number totals continued to decline even more precipitously for 2009. CEO turnover declined 27%, CFO turnover declined 36% and overall C-level turnover declined 30% as compared with 2008′s already low levels. The numbers would be even more stark if compared with 2007.
  • The executive turnover totals continued their dramatic decline throughout 2010. Annual 2010 CEO turnover declined 22%, CFO turnover declined 13%, C-level turnover declined 29% from 2009′s totals.

Total CEO Quarterly Changes by Reason 2005 - 2010 -

Total CFO Quarterly Changes by Reason  2005 - 2010 -

Total C-Level Quarterly Changes by Reason 2005 - 2010 -

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