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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

January 2008 Management Turnover Continues to Climb

Yesterday Liberum Research released its key management change statistics for January 2008. Executive turnover for the first month of 2008 continued to remain high. The trend for the month followed the same turnover pattern Liberum registered for the last two months of 2007. While the numbers were not extraordinarily high, they illustrated a continuing level of high turnover within the top executive ranks of public companies. Liberum expects executive churn at the top to continue to remain high for the next number of months.

C-level, CEO and CFO turnover all individually registered increases for January as compared with January 2007. The turnover increases for the month as compared with January 2007 were as follows: 6% for C-level totals, 12% for CEOs and 4% for CFOs. Below you will two charts that break down CEO and CFO changes by status and market cap.

January 2008 CEO Change Breakdowns by Market Cap -

January 2008 CFO Change Breakdowns by Market Cap -

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