Management Turnover as Change Agent

Monday, June 2, 2008

CEO Watch List - Rick Wagoner, GM, Update 3

Rick Wagoner, the embattled CEO of General Motors GM (NYSE), who has been on my Watch list since early November of last year, will have his day tomorrow in front of disgruntled shareholders.  According to a story today by Alex Taylor III, Senior Editor in Fortune,
... Rick Wagoner will explain to shareholders just how the automaker plans to survive the changes sweeping the industry.

Observers from Tokyo to Toledo will be paying close attention.
... Late to catch this trend as usual, General Motors and Ford (F, Fortune 500) are frantically rewriting their product plans for the next dozen years to account for changing standards while they try to prop up sales of their current model lines in the short term.
Will GM continue to reward top management as the car industry continues to flounder and misdiagnose the market.  The answer is probably yes.  We will just have to wait and see, stay close by.

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