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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

CEO Watch List - Rick Wagoner, GM, Update 4

Rick Wagoner finally gets it.  

It took gas prices going through the stratosphere but he finally gets it.  According to David Welch for Business Week GM has finally taken steps to address some of its major flaws. Welch writes Wagoner made it clear at the company's June 3 shareholders meeting that,
General Motors (GM) is turning more than a decade of car-making on its head.

... Richard Wagoner Jr. announced plans to introduce a new line of compacts for North America, while also boosting passenger car production and closing four truck plants. perhaps the most symbolic shift away from massive vehicles, the company may sell the Hummer brand...
While I would not call the new direction a dramatic surprise or salvation of the company, when one considers the overall state of General Motors particularly in North America you can at least acknowledge he has finally started to put the company in a direction that makes some sense.

Stay tune for more details.

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Joseph said...

No matter what GM does, it is never dramatic. Now if this news came from Toyota, that would be dramatic. Like as if only GM makes large SUV's. Let's be fair and start giving GM good news instead of nick picking them to death. I know they are doing lousy in the US but in the rest of the world, they are kicking ass. Could that be they are doing lousy in theRS because of the nick picking? I sure it has a lot to do with it because GM is putting out world class products today. Look at all the awards they've gotten lately. And look at their future products. Why not write about that?