Management Turnover as Change Agent

Monday, October 20, 2008

Recommended Reading - Bank bailout also curbs CEO pay, NPR Marketplace

Rachel Dornhelm of NPR's Marketplace had an audio/written story on NPR's Marketplace this morning that focused on how the recent bank bailout and the subsequent curbs on CEO pay could actually result in changes in the compensation structure for CEOs in numerous industries. There remains great skepticism over whether the new restrictions on CEO compensation imposed in the recent bailout package will actually have any impact even in the financial related sector. Dornhelm's interview of Professor Charles Elson, the head of the University of Delaware's Corporate Governance Program and Mark Borges, a compensation consultant with Compensia, raised the possiblility that the new restrictions may actually have an impact on CEOs outside the bailout. For more on the story check out the Marketplace piece.

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