Management Turnover as Change Agent

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Recommended Reading - Good Management Never Goes Out of Style

John Mase, an economist and blogger, writes the Mase: Economics and Finance blog.  Today's post focuses on executive management and why it is key to a company's long term success.  According to Mase,
“Good management” is what one should look for to invest in at all times.

Good management must first create an organization that has some kind of competitive advantage, something that differentiates it from other organizations, within the marketplace. This competitive advantage is generally built upon something the firm has, some core competencies that others don’t possess. And, these core competencies are enhanced by the team that management builds to enhance and sustain these core competencies. 

In judging a company, I have gotten away from just looking at the head of the organization, the top dog. What has become crucial in my appraisal of any organization is the people the head person brings in to support and enhance the firm.
Anyone interested in management as a key component to a company's success should read Mase's post.

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