Management Turnover as Change Agent

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wolseley Switches CEO

Wolseley WOS (LSE) the distributor of building materials announced its CEO since 2006, Chip Hornsby, would resign immediately. Hornsby was made CEO in 2006. Not long after his ascendance to the top, the company found itself facing the growing housing difficulties particularly its operations in the United States. At the point at which the housing market began to decline, Hornsby initiated a number of strategies to cut overall expenses particularly in the building supply area. Even with these policies in place, the firm saw its share price and profits continue to decline.

In Hornsby's place the board has selected Ian Meakins. He was previously chief executive of currency exchange company Travelex. Prior to that he held executive positions with the pharmacist chain Alliance UniChem and drinks maker Diageo. Meakins is an accomplished executive it is difficult to determine if he is a good fit for Wolseley. One can expect some real changes in strategy after he takes over his post and gets situated. Stay tuned.

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