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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Recommended Reading - Financials Post Sign of the Times: CEO Wanted, Wall Street Journal

Susanne Craig and Joann S. Lublin wrote a story that appeared in today’s Wall Street Journal that examined the dearth of financial CEOs available to come in and run many of our troubled financial companies. According to the story,

The strain of the credit crisis, curbs on executive compensation and the specter of government scrutiny are making it harder for financial firms to lure chief executives, according to directors, executives and search firms.

“There aren’t any highly attractive CEO prospects in the financial-services industry,” said Peter D. Crist, head of Crist|Kolder Associates, an executive-search firm in Hinsdale, Ill. “The best players won’t risk their careers going to a troubled enterprise.”

… One problem is that the financial industry’s crisis has shown that some firms simply might be too much for anyone to conquer. Eventually, boards will find new CEOs who are confident enough to give it a try no matter how big the risks. For now, the pickings are slim, said recruiters involved in continuing searches.

I am not quite as sanquine about the prospects for finding new CEOs to run the troubled financial firms as are those referred to in the story e.g., executive search firms, directors and executives. I agree that finding the right candidates will be challenging but that is always the case. There are good candidates out there and many are up to the challenge, even if compensation does not meet their initial expectations. Decide for yourself, check out the story.

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