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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

CEO Watch List - S. Sundaresh, Adaptec Update #1

Sundi Sundaresh’s reign as Adaptec CEO is looking more and more precarious. Steel Partners, an activist investor/shareholder, is claiming to have the votes to get him dismissed. Steel Partners has been working for more than a year to make management changes at the firm. According to a story by Chris Mellor in the UK’s Register,

AP is now reporting that Steel Partners claims it has amassed enough proxy votes from shareholders to boot Sundaresh off Adaptec’s board. The board says it’s waiting for certification of the votes cast before ceding or claiming anything.

If Steel Partners is certified as having sufficient written consents from shareholders then Sundaresh better pack his CEO bags, as can the anti-Steel Partners board members. Adaptec faces having a new CEO, probably an interim one, and a new board that will quite rapidly announce a new strategy aiming at getting Steel Partners a return on its Adaptec investment.

Stay tuned as the answers start rolling in on Sundaresh’s fate as well as that of the firm.

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