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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Must Read - AIG's Benmosche Threatens to Jump Ship, Wall Street Journal

Anyone following top executives has to read today’s story by Liam Pleven, Serena NG, and Joann S. Lublin in the Wall Street Journal. The column is entitled, AIG’s Benmosche Threatens to Jump Ship. Benmosche, AIG’s hard charging CEO, appears to be exacting pressure on the AIG board and the Obama Administration.

At a board meeting last week, the strong-willed industry executive told fellow AIG directors that he was “done” but agreed to think it over after other board members reacted with shock, according to the people.

… It isn’t clear whether Mr. Benmosche would actually resign. In his short tenure at AIG, he has developed a reputation for making provocative remarks and ruffling feathers as he seeks to achieve his goals.

He has only been CEO for three months and continues to make waves. He has a little of AIG’s famous former CEO Hank Greenberg in him. Check out the story.

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