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Monday, March 17, 2008

Motorola Continues to Re-shape Management

Motorola continues to re-shape its management team and the direction of the firm. Greg Brown the new CEO appointed back in October 2007 has continued his efforts to develop a new management team and overall strategy. Just today more executive changes came to light. According to a piece by Douglas McIntyre in Bloggingstocks,
The company (Motorola) is bringing in a private equity executive to be treasurer. It is also replacing the head of its Europe, Middle East and Africa cell phone operations. According to The Wall Street Journal the company said "the leadership changes are part of an overall plan to swiftly transform the senior executive team."

Motorola has been trying, unsuccessfully, to sell its handset division, probably to a rival like Samsung. It now appears that the firm will have to work its way out of trouble. That means that executives in areas where the company is doing poorly could all be out in the next several months.
It is difficult to assess what all these changes will mean for the company going forward.

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