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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Update to Ford Announces Six Internal Candidates As Successor to Mulally

Shortly after the CNN Money story that followed the original Automotive News story referred to in my previous blog, it was announced that Joe Laymon, Ford's corporate vice president for human resources would be resigning his position. Laymon was supposedly the individual responsible for the "surprising" release of the names of the six candidates in the running for current Ford CEO, Alan Mulally's, position when he leaves. Laymon's release of the six names created a minor internal crisis at the firm. The really surprising news came shortly after the announcement that Laymon was resigning. CNBC announced that Chevron announced that he was to hired as corporate vice president for human resources, effective immediately.

It is rare that we see things change so quickly at one of the top American automobile manufacturers. It is possible that Mulally forced Laymon out after the story he leaked left the impression that Mullaly might be a lame duck.

There may be more to this story, stay tuned.


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