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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Recommended Reading - CEO and CFO Career Consequences to Missing Quarterly Earnings - Academic Paper

Richard Dean Mergenthaler (University of Iowa), Shrivaram Rajgopal (University of Washington), and Suraj Srinivasan (University of Chicago) published CEO and CFO Career Consequences to Missing Quarterly Earnings Benchmarks(June 27, 2008).  For those really interested in key executive turnovers and their potential impact the paper is a worthwhile read.  A quick abstract of what the authors found is as follows:
... missing quarterly earnings benchmarks, especially the analyst consensus earnings number, is associated with career penalties in the form of a reduced bonus, smaller equity grants, and a greater chance of forced dismissal for both CEOs and CFOs during the period 1993-2004.  These results are obtained after controlling for the magnitude of the earnings surprise, operating and stock return performance, and are significant in a statistical and in an economic sense.  Career penalties for failing to meet the analyst consensus estimate are higher for firms that give quarterly earnings guidance and in the post-SOX period.  Our evidence suggests that (i) boards appear to react directly to managers’ ability to meet earnings targets or to the information that is reflected in meeting such benchmarks; and (ii) senior managers’ preoccupation with meeting earnings benchmarks might be based at least partly on career concerns.
 Download the paper and see for yourself.

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