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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

VMware Faces More Management Changes

Back in July, VMware VMW (NYSE) forced its CEO Diane Greene out and replaced her with Paul Moritz, a former key executive at Microsoft.  Now comes word that VMware has lost its research head.  Richard Sarwal, VMware's executive vice president of research and development according to Kris Kanaracus of ComputerWorld,
...has quit the company and taken a job at Oracle.  

Richard Sarwal, a longtime Oracle verteran, did not stay at VMware long, he joined the company back in December 2007.
Prior to joining VMware in 2007, Sarwal was Oracle's senior vice president of systems management.  Oracle has not yet announced what position Sarwal will have at the firm.  In his place at VMware, the company has temporarily appointed Stephen Herrod, the senior vice president of research and development to take over Sarwal's duties.  

The unexpected change does not come at a great time for VMware as it moves to adjust to a new CEO and looks for new ways to compete with Microsoft and other competitors.

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