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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

VMware Continues to Face More Management Changes

Yesterday VMware's VMW (NYSE) chief scientist and co-founder Mendel Rosenblum is leaving the firm after resigning.  Rosenblum was a co-founder of the firm with his wife Diane Greene (see earlier blog), the former CEO who was recently forced out and replaced by former top Microsoft executive Paul Maritz.  Maritz is known as a close a associate of EMC CEO Paul Tucci and the parent firm of VMware.  Tucci was known to be unhappy with Greene.  According to,
Rosenblum stepped down just one week ahead of the virtualization leader's annual user conference.
VMware continues to face a significant brain drain as Maritz takes over the reigns.  Keep close eye on his forthcoming moves and management replacements. 

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